Trappist Ale
Grains: 25 lb two row pale malt
3 lb munich malt
1.5 lb 120 L crystal malt
3 lb white rock crystal sugar
2 cups rice hulls
Hopping: 6 oz Hallertaur  (60 mins boil)
2 oz Kent Goldings (60 mins boil)
1 oz Willamette (last 5 mins boil)
3 tsp irish moss (30 mins boil)

Brewers' notes:  Adapt and scale-up from Cat's Meow 3 recipe (Tony Babinec (tony@spss.com) Issue #848, 3/24/92 ).  Modification of coloring grains - use 120L crystal rather than unspecified (guess 40L) and touch of black patent.  Reduced Kent Golding boil hops  and use 1oz Willamette for last 5 minutes boil.  Honey was not added, listed as optional on recipe above). Culture one flask of WhiteLabs Trappist Ale (WLP500) in 2 cups h2o with 1 cup dried malt extract at the start of the day.  Target Gravity mid 1.060's.
10:30am setting up starter culture solution / begin cleanup and assembly
11:25am finished weighing grains, begin rinse of brewery
11:55am assembly complete, grains cracked, begin fill @45deg C
12:00pm fill to 12 gal h2o
12:03pm heat on Tin=43degC
12:05pm noting a fair amount of beer stone since brewery was kept dry after last brew 5/11
12:15pm dough in grains
12:23pm dough in complete - recirc
12:23pm for starter culture - add yeast into 500ml + dry malt extract, gravity 1.066, place in incubator 28 deg C
12:25pm flame off begin protein rest Tin=47 Tout=45 - good flow rate
beer-thirty you know what that means!
time Tin Tout / comments
12:25pm 47 44  flame on simmer
12:40pm 48 45
12:50pm 48 46
12:55pm 49 46 rest complete -- begin ramp flame to 3/4"
1:05pm 55 52 very good flow rate
1:17pm 61 59
1:25pm 65 63 flame down to 9/16"
1:40pm 67 67 - begin hold for 45 minutes 67-70 deg C
1:57pm 69 69 flame down to 1/4" - nice looking clear "beer" color
2:15pm 68 68
2:30pm 67 68 flame up to 3/4" -- prep for sparge
2:55pm 75 74 sparge on
3:05pm flame on full - one last sparge shot to 13 gal
3:25pm boil - add 4oz Hallertaur 6.4% alpha 2oz Hallertaur 4.4% alpha 2 oz Kent Golding 6.6% alpha
3:55pm add irish moss solution and 3 lbs sugar
4:20pm add 1oz Willamette 4.2% alpha acid
4:25pm heat off - begin cooling
4:40pm T=90 deg C - wort chiller on
4:42pm 71 55
4:46pm 51 46
4:57pm 35 32
5:02pm 30 29 - rack to fermenter
5:20pm pitch yeast - still finishing up racking
5:30pm done racking O.G.      1.061
6:15pm finished cleaning and setup of clean-in-place system
Finish notes: Comments - spicy, good hop flavor, should make a good christmas beer.  Nominal finish hop flavor hints of bittering, clear canvas for the yeast to paint their flavor.
10/8/02 - "rack" to secondary
10/13/02 - rack to keg, F.G. = 1.014 taster's notes:  strong diacetyl, fruity in the nose and in mouth
pressurize w/ co2 to 30psi for 30sec