Newly Fangled Gingered Ale
Grains: 27 lb two row pale malt
4 lb munich malt
1 lb 40 L crystal malt
2 cups rice hulls
Hopping: 1 oz Cascade  (60 mins boil)
1 oz Northern Brewer (60 mins boil)
2 oz Hallertaur (finish)
1 oz Mt Hood (finish)
extras: 1 tsp gypsum in mash h2o
3 tsp irish moss (30 mins boil)
6 lbs Honey
18 oz Ginger Root peeled and ground
3 tsp Cinnamon
1.5 tsp Nutmeg
3-4 Grapefruit peels finely chopped

Brewers' notes:  Minor hopping alteration from previous recipe.  Reduce boil hop and substitute Mt Hood in finish for Cascade.  The honey, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and grapefruit peel are split in 1/2.  First 1/2 go in for full boil, remaining in last 10 minutes of boil.  Target Gravity 1.068.
time comments
10:35am brewery assembled, hot water heater on, grains weighed - get cracking
10:50am brew pot filled w/ 12 gals 45 deg h2o, grains cracked
11:05am Tin=51, Tout=50, added 1tsp gypsum, heat off, fill mash tun, dough in
11:12am dough in complete
time Tin / comment Tout / comment
11:15am 49 deg C 47 deg C flame to simmer - protein rest
11:25am 48 47
11:35am 49 48
11:45am 50 49 flame to 3/4" - beer thirty! - begin rise
12:00n 59 55
12:07pm 62 58 flame to 5/8"
12:25pm 67 64
12:31pm 69 66 - begin hold 67-70 deg
12:53pm 73 70 - flame to 1/4"
1:05pm 71 69
1:15pm 70 69 - flame to 5/8" prep for sparge
1:30pm Set to 73 Sparge on, holding above 70 deg, sparge to 13Gal
Yeast sample taken from last batch 650 ml of slurry, after purging first 600 ml
1:42pm done sparge to approx 12.5 gal - flame on full
2:05pm boil add 37 g Cascade 9.1% alpha acid  (slightly extra hop)
add 1oz Northern Brewer 8.7% alpha acid
add 1/2 of ginger, grapefruit, honey and spices
2:15pm boil resumes
3:10pm add 1/2 of ginger, grapefruit, honey and spices
3:23pm heat off add finish hop 2 oz Hallertaur 4.4% alpha acid
add 1 oz Mt Hood 4.5% alpha acid
3:42 pm wort chiller on  initial Tin=85 Tout=42  brewpot T=69
3:50 pm 46 40
4:00pm 30 28 - water off on wort chiller, begin racking
4:30pm finish rack, level at midpoint between welds.  Add 200 ml from fermenter to recovered yeast slurry
5:45pm done cleaning, leave cip assembled, but open to air
Finish notes: Starting Gravity = 1.063.  Measured gravity from samples taken from both sample port and via thief from the top of the fermenter.  The sample port sample had a significant amount of trub and was read at 1.064.  Taster comments: "Yup, that's the ginger beer".   "Damn that's good".  Grapefruit very faint.  Honey is present, used food mill raw honey, rather than sage or clover from oak barrel.  Resulting lack of sage or clover undertones a good thing in this beer.  Ginger present in normal force.

6:00pm - drop trub 1500ml and pitch yeast.  Recovered (California Ale) yeast became quite active after addition of wort - rapid krausen in 1l erlenmeyer.